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Affiliate marketing is a member of the royal family of online marketing, but unless you do it the right way, you might labor in vain. To help affiliate marketers and those aspiring to become one succeed in the business CBS Formula was created by the crown prince of internet marketing, Precious Ngwu who has blazed the trail in some elite products including Mints App, ReClick tool and Origin Builder among other.

CBS Formula product details

CBS stands for Create, Build, Sell; these words initials joined with Formula to describe the process of creating your unique process. The product was released to the public to give people wanting a workable formula in affiliate marketing to have a real smile in the business. If you need to understand affiliate marketing and want to become a success story, this product is what you need.


With the system, you will learn to create, build and sell a unique digital product using your email list to sensitize your prospective market to buy. The product aims at meeting newbie desires to start making money online as well as add to existing income portfolio of veteran online marketers.


Below is detailed information about the product and the link to subscribe to it.


  • Product name: CBS Formula
  • Product Creator: Precious Ngwu
  • Product website: cbsformula.com
  • Product price: $69
  • Product availability: Worldwide
  • Product formula: Create a product, 2. Build a mailing list, 3. Sell your product to your list


What are the features of the product?

Inside the CBS Formula is contained incredible money making secrets that everyone subscriber who applied the system has created cool money. The secret to this fantastic success is found in the features listed below.

  • Internet business automation. The secret here is the automation where you don’t have to do it manually to make money. Once it’s setup, you can relax and make money.
  • Live coaching and mentoring. The greatest advantage in CBD Formula is the hands-on practical training you will get as part of the system feature.
  • Powerful lead generation machine. The system creates its market through lead generation as you run your mailing list.
  • Make 4 – 5 figures per day. Many affiliates who follow the basics of the system have reported making between 4 and 5 figures daily.
  • 6 Figure online business setup. CBS Formula’s earning capacity is 6 figure if you implement it as intended. Follow the system recommended minimum formula and win big time!
  • Readymade products to sell. You don’t have to think of what to sell, CBS Formula is a ready-made product you just need to market and make money.
  • Training videos & tools. It comes with educational materials and tools to give you the knowledge to perform well in the business.


In summary, CBS formula is a win-win product which ensures everyone in the system wins.


Who should use the product?

If you are interested in making money online and willing to follow a workable system, CBS Formula is for you. Available records show that most people who have been making money using this system are those who struggle in their entire online business life. Some subscribers reported making their first ever income after they bought and implemented the system. Therefore, the following people are recommended to use the system.


  • Newbie testing online income making. If you are willing to follow a proven system to make money, the product is for you.
  • Existing online entrepreneurs. Perhaps you have been in online business and ready to follow a proven system to make more money; the system is for you.
  • Affiliate marketers. Existing affiliate marketers who want better paying system should try CBS Formula affiliate to improve their earning power.


What will you get when you join?

When you join CBS Formula program, you will have access to complete training package to build your skill on how to use the system. You will also have the software which will help you to make money. Also, you will have access to tons of resources and live coaching program to build your skill to succeed in the system. In fact, once you become a member, you will have access to everything you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.


As soon as you start to implement the system as a new subscriber, you will start to make money. Some marketers have reported making as much as $50,000 in a few days of their joining. There is a great chance of success as long as you make yourself available to take the training and follow the success blueprint.


About the creator

Precious Ngwu is a well-known online entrepreneur with proven experience. He is the all-around type of internet marketer with vast knowledge in affiliate marketing. Before the creator venture into any product, experience has shown that there is a good reason to create the product.


After you have seen CBS formula work for a few minutes, you will understand why this guy is called guru by people who know what the real meaning of the word means. As early as 2008, Precious Ng has been in internet marketing to figure out how it works. The self-trained internet business expert has learned series of systems and belonged to many web resources. He is tested and trusted in producing time sensitive, active income generating machines similar to CBS formula.


Final words on CBS Formula

Until you have a system to make you money while you sleep, you have not reached your final destination in online business. The essence of online business as I have come to see it is to restore your freedom and everyone who bought the system should spend the first few weeks with rigorous learning to quickly overcome the initial teething problems and start to make money big time.


I strongly recommend the CBS Formula because it works. You can make your findings just don’t take my words for it. It is a complete proven autopilot everyone needs to make money while relaxing in the comfort of their homes.

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Maria Neilson

Precious NG, the creator of this app is source of inspiration for many digital marketing experts. His achievements are enormous and professionals belonging to the same field should follow his recommendations because he knows how to gain maximum advantage of virtual marketing in order to promote any brand.

David Wilson

Precious Ngwu and his fellow software developers are amazing people! They took the time to get to know me as a person as well as a customer to grasp knowledge of my goals and were I want to take my earnings. I could not be any happier at this point because, with CBS formula I am earning more than my expectations.

Maria Neilson

Great affiliate marketing too and it pays without putting in much effort. CBS Formula helped me with my affiliate marketing campaigns. Thanks to Precious Ng and his software development geniuses.

Eliana Grace

I had a small business when I consulted Precious Ngwu and after just a few months, I’m really proud of the steps we’ve taken towards earning in six figures now. Learning about all built-in tools of CBS was easy and now I use it with perfection. Normally, I customize proceedings just once each day and that’s it. Sit back and relax, and it will look after your campaigns really well. Never witnessed any such application which automates the whole process and doesn’t do a single mistake.

James Mundt

I love this tool because it has changed my life!! I paid just $69 one time and started earning in next few hours. CBS is a multifunction app. It helps me building mailing list and totally automates my online business. Configuration of products is hassle free and the process of earning is very well looked after by CBS formula. It is the best application I every bought.

Guy Nunez

After activating the CBS Formula app and watching tutorials, I am on the go. The figures we have hit so far, are astonishing. I am sure, this will work for us certainly.

Dylan Carter

Brilliant solution by Precious again! Just sign up for this software and start counting bucks coming your way. I am really impressed with the way Precious Ngwu takes marketing. If I describe this tool in simplest words i.e. It is internet business automation solution.

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